2021 Registration Update

Most of our Miniroos (ages 9-12) and Junior (ages 13-18) teams are now full and we are no longer taking registrations for these teams. However, you are welcome to leave an expression of interest with our registrar in case a place does open up in one of our teams (

We are still accepting registrations for our Lil’ Hammers program (ages 5-8).

2021 Registration Fees

Below are the Registration Fees for 2021.

Note that although we try to keep our fees as low as possible, some aspects of the fees are out of our control, and there could be marginal increases next year depending on the costs of Football West player and team registrations and insurance.

*Note higher fees for U16-U18 players are due to higher Football West fees for these age groups.

A sibling discount of $20 applies for families with more than one child at the club

Uniform Requirements

In addition to the registration fees, players are required to purchase certain uniforms and personal protective equipment.

For all age groups, HRJFC supplies a team shirt for game day. This is a loan item and must be returned at the end of the season. Please take care of the shirt as the replacement of soiled and worn shirts is a major cost to the club.

For Miniroos and Junior teams, player must purchase HRJFC shorts and socks.

Lil’ Hammers players can purchase HRJFC shorts and socks if preferred, but it is not mandatory.

All players must wear shin guards and appropriate footwear to all training sessions and game days.

Soccer boots are recommended, and only moulded studs are permitted.

We operate and ongoing “Boot Swap” program, so if you have any soccer boots in reasonable condition that no longer fit, then please contact our Uniforms Coordinator ( to arrange a time to drop them off to our club. If you need new boots and don’t want to spend $60+ for a new pair, then look out for our Pop-Up Uniform Shop opening hours and come by to see if there are any used boots that fit.

Children with a visual impairment are encouraged to wear approved sports glasses. 

Where Do Your Fees Go?

HRJFC is a not-for-profit community club run by dedicated parent volunteers who give up many hours of their time each week to keep the club running smoothly. All the fees that you contribute are used to keep the club running.  Below is a list of costs that the club incurs every year that your fees go towards:

  • Football West registration fees and insurance
  • Competition Entry Fees
  • Uniforms (replacing worn out playing shirts)
  • Equipment (new training balls, match balls, goals, bibs etc…)
  • Council ground fees
  • Electricity/Flood Lights
  • Coaching development (PFT and Football West coaching courses and  “The Coaching Manual” subscription)
  • Pro Football Training involvement (Lil’ Hammers, Allocation Day Activities)
  • Clubroom and Storage Room Rental Fees
  • Insurance for all Equipment/Uniforms/Apparel
  • Honorarium payments to Ground Marshals
  • Team Photos
  • Trophies
  • Trophy Day/Club Day (Venue hire, Bubble Soccer hire, sausage sizzle, drinks etc.)
  • Website Hosting and other IT costs (e.g. Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey)
  • Line marking
  • Toilet Paper, stationary, printing, signage etc.

We do our best to keep our fees as low as possible, and are starting to look at sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to become a sponsor of the club in some capacity, then please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator at