Frequently Asked Questions

The first round of games is usually around mid-April, but varies from year to year depending on the Easter Holidays.

We organise pre-season training for registered players around mid-February.

Registrations are normally open from the 1st January each year. If you are on our mailing list, we send out regular reminders.

Hamersley Rovers JFC was founded 40 years ago to give kids a go that couldn’t get a game at other clubs at the time, and we still embrace that philosophy. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive club that accepts all kids irrespective of experience or ability.

This is a controversial topic, and one that is often debated at the club.

We do not believe in grading our younger teams (U9 to U11s) as we have found it can cause more problems that it solves. Our focus at this age group is for players to be with their friends and have fun. We also find that having a balance of skilled and developing players across the Miniroos teams allows all teams to remain competitive in a competition that is quite diverse in terms of abilities.

For older age groups, we do not hold formal grading sessions, but we do start to identify and place players in teams commensurate with their ability.