About Our Club

Our Philosophy and Mission

The club’s aim is to promote the game of football in the community and to encourage players, coaches, managers, and parents/caregivers to develop an enjoyment of the game, while also developing skills and providing opportunities to play at different levels of competition.

We seek to provide a safe and healthy environment that values, supports, and encourages players of all abilities, genders, cultures, and backgrounds. Our aim is to encourage and promote fair play, respect for others, and good sportsmanship.

Club History


Early in 1981, a group of interested parents negotiated with the Local Council to form a Soccer Club based at Carine Open Space that would provide the children in the area chance to play the ‘World’s Greatest Game’. These interested parents were ably led by Pat and Fred Zammit.

So, Hamersley Rovers Soccer Club was established in 1981. Fred Zammit was installed as the founder President. The club’s main aim was to ‘promote the best interests of soccer’.


1982 HRJFC Trophy Day

1981 Parents vs Kids Team

1982 Under 12s Team

Humble Beginnings:

In its inaugural year the club fielded only four junior teams and quite often failed to win any games at all. However, from very humble beginnings, quite primitive facilities, and through the hard work and dedication of our members, the Club was transformed into major force in the northern suburbs.

From initially towing a small caravan to sell cool drinks and chocolate bars, by the late 1980’s the club had clubrooms, a canteen, bar area, six changing rooms, three flood lights, and the facilities were second to none. The number of players registered at the club also grew, from four junior teams initially to fourteen teams ranging from under 7’s to under 16’s. We went from never winning a game, to fielding teams in the 1st Division. We started with boys who could not get a game anywhere else, to providing players to the State under 13’s, 14’s and 15’s teams.

Maintaining Our Philosophy:

Through these formative years the members strived to maintain the image as a family-oriented club where all players are given a fair go. This philosophy has been a major contribution to the growth and success of the Hamersley Rovers Junior FC.

Over the years the playing strength and the standard of play has improved dramatically, yet we have never lost sight of why we exist – so our children could enjoy their sport and find a level at which they could compete and enjoy what they did.

Senior Teams:

A senior team was formed in 1983 by a few dads whose sons played in the juniors. By 1985 a second social team had been entered, and by 1986 H.R.S.C. was in the top five teams in the 1st Division PASSA. In 1987 the club fielded a team in the Premier League and a Reserve Side was also formed. With the formation of a further two social teams and a Veterans team, the Seniors grew to five teams. Through 2001–2003 the club won three consecutive Amateur League titles and in 2007 won the Amateur Cup Final.

A New Beginning:

Between 2006 and 2008 the club experienced considerable growth, doubling the number of Junior players in the club. By the end of the 2008 season the club had over 350 Junior players including three girls-only teams. The needs of the Junior teams and players were now quite different to those of the Seniors and after much debating and deliberation a decision was made to form a separate new club for the Juniors. Hamersley Rovers Junior FC was officially formed in December 2008, becoming incorporated in April 2009. Since 2009, the club has experienced further growth, and now we average 400 registered players each year including around 100 girls.

U13 Girls Cup Winners (2014)

1981 - Original Logo

The Club Logo:

The first club emblem is still used by the Hamersley Senior Club today. It was designed by founder Fred Zammit. 

Each part of the emblem has a meaning: the trees for growth, the castle for strength, black and white for the team colours, the players for the game, and the Maltese Cross for the founder’s origins.

In 2010, after the junior club separated from the seniors, a new logo was designed. This logo retains links with our past, but presented a fresh look for the new Junior club. 

The new logo retains the black and white stripes (team colours), the castle (strength), and replaces the players with the soccer ball. The Maltese Cross was retained as a mark of respect for our founding member.

2010 - Revised Logo

Home Grounds


Carine Open Space Reserve (Beach Rd Entrance)

These first-class facilities include three full-sized soccer pitches and an extra training area with a single practice goal (Passive Area). Amenities include flood lighting, Carine Clubrooms, and changing rooms.

The pitches are designated as follows:

  • Pitch A – closest to clubrooms
  • Pitch B – closest to Oakley Rd
  • Pitch C – closest to tennis courts


Sheldrake Reserve, Stirling

Currently all our Miniroos pitches are located at Sheldrake, with two U10–U12’s pitches, and a single U9’s pitch. There is also one full-sized pitch for use as an overflow venue when we have a busy day scheduled at Carine. 

Honour Boards

Life Members